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A jewel against hunger - Partnership with Action against Hunger

It is a long story that links Ombre Claire to Niger and Mali. Very attached to the craftsmen with whom we have been working for more than 15 years, we have always taken care to offer them the best possible working conditions and remuneration. So close to them, we obviously share their concerns about the political instability and the environmental crisis that are impacting them. This is how this year, on the occasion of the holidays, we wanted to engage in a concrete solidarity action.
Why did you choose to partner with Action against Hunger rather than another NGO?
Because it has been active in Niger and Mali for more than 30 years. To find out all about its programs in these 2 countries, we invite you to consult the following pages:
And also because we know her well, and for a long time. Julie, who joined the Ombre Claire team a few months ago, worked there for 4 years at headquarters and in the field.
Action contre la Faim thus authorized Aude to draw inspiration from its logo, which symbolizes the food and water essential to life, to create the brooch Anou which means "the well" in Tamasheq. This bronze brooch is made and engraved by hand, piece by piece, according to ancestral traditional know-how, by Kader, Mohamed, Ousmane and their entire team in their workshop in Agadez.
We designed a brooch rather than a ring or a bracelet because it is a jewel that can be worn by everyone, at any age, without worrying about size. It can proudly adorn a garment, or more discreetly a scarf or a bag.
We also wanted its price to be accessible to all those who would be looking for a small personal, unique and supportive gift. The craftsmen have, as always at Ombre Claire, set the value of their work and are paid 70% on order and 30% on delivery.
Ombre Claire undertakes to donate €5 to Action Contre la Faim for each brooch Anou sold. Hoping to be able to count on your support to exceed our objective, we are committed to making a donation of a minimum amount of €500 to Action contre la Faim regardless of the success of this operation.
The brooch Anou is on sale in our shop at 67 rue de la Fontaine au Roi Paris 11,
We hope it will make you want to wear it and/or please someone you love!!

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