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The Label

Hello, we are #brightly.

We are designers, artisans and committed to desirable, responsible and sustainable fashion.

Ombre Claire, it's jewelry, baskets, stoles and everything that makes us want! Ethical accessories that create meaning, weave links. Objects to give to those you love, to collect, a pleasure for yourself, an alliance to unite. Our creations travel and tell stories.
Jewelry and baskets that artisans, in the middle of the Sahara, make with their hands from drawings made in the heart of Paris, after a bike ride up the rue de Belleville or a break in the garden of dreaming plants from the high seas. Stoles imagined around a drink in a hidden bar in Berlin, baskets drawn when leaving an exhibition at the Maeght Foundation or in an Arles farmhouse among the flowers.
Objects to dream, to travel. Sustainable jewelry made from recycled solid silver, bronze or ebony that can be passed on from generation to generation, which will age with us, which we can adjust and repair over the years. We imagine jewelry to promote culture and know-how, to travel and see the dunes and the sun hidden in a sandstorm, to invent a joyful and sensitive fashion and to maintain the link with the Tuareg artisans who constantly delight with their poetry and technical prowess.
We love Matisse's colors madly. We love to dance to the songs of Tinariwen, and on Patti Smith, we love to struggle in a Brawl concert and fall asleep with the walks of Sufjan Steevens. We like to read Christian Bobin and dream in front of a Pina Bausch show. We like to cultivate fashion, make it responsible and share with you our values, our greatest wealth!

Ombre Claire bijoux ethique univers


Ombre Claire is a graphic universe in which a line of contemporary design jewelry is available. Aude Durou, the designer, imagines and designs the models which are then shaped by Tuareg artisans in Niger and Mali. From this encounter are born each season collections that borrow from Saharan culture patterns with which the designer has fun, mixing them with her personal influences.
At Ombre Claire, the greatest luxury is the delicacy given to small things, the delicacy of the lines, the carving, the care taken in the choice of materials. Elegance comes from the material, from the knowledge of shared know-how and from the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure.
Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other.

Ombre Claire boutique paris


Come and discover our collections but also our collaborations and our accessories (baskets, sandals, stoles, ...) from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Ombre Claire boutique workshop

67 rue de la fontaine au roi

75011 PARIS

Metro Goncourt or Parmentier

Phone: 09 82 32 34 96

Ombre Claire bijoux touareg process


Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other. The jewels are designed in Paris then made in Niger and Mali by Tuareg artisans organized in cooperatives and finally assembled with care by our hands in our Parisian workshop.
We also take care to limit our ecological impact, which is why we use recycled materials: solid 999 silver, bronze, acacia wood and ebony (from offcuts that are reused).
The vermeil (999 silver gilded with fine gold 5 microns 24 carats) and the gold plating are made by a Parisian craftsman. Chains, cords, boxes are carefully chosen from trusted suppliers. All the elements used are of high quality to ensure long lasting jewelry that will stay with you for a long time. If despite the care taken your jewelry breaks, it can be repaired.
Ombre Claire is a graphic design studio, a line of jewelry but also a large chain of trust, solid links between designers and craftsmen!


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