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The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, we are giving ourselves permission to stay at home a little longer... Also, in autumn, the house is beautiful! So we thought it was a good time to put online on our e-shop the vases born from the collaboration between Ombre Claire and Périg Céramique. 

For those who cannot come and see the pieces in Paris, you will now find them on our site. I was a little afraid to send you terracotta vases by parcel, but Périg convinced me by showing me that we could - I quote - "play football with well-packaged ceramic pieces without that it does not damage them". Don't worry, we won't go that far, but it's a way of telling you: if you order online, your vase will arrive in one piece!

A little feedback on this collaboration:

The Ombre Claire "family" are the artists of all stripes with whom we collaborate, Axelle and I, every year, alongside our jewelry collections, as so many creative re-creations and opportunities to mix crafts . Between Périg Céramique and me, the artistic dialogue began… when we left our children’s nursery. “And what do you do for a living?”. “Ceramic”. Bim, a common story could be written. On the Saint Amand stoneware pottery of the man who defines himself as a “bald man who makes ceramics in Paris”, I affixed my drawings. The result is this series of unique pieces inspired by ancient pottery.

Périg: welcome to “Ombre Claire & Family”! ⁠

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