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This week we would like to introduce you to Livio, the godfather of the Livio ring a you matching necklace !


Here is a little interview we did together some time ago: 

bague livio en argent et ebène

What is your fondest travel memory?

I have traveled a lot, especially in India. But my most intense memories are linked to my only trip to sub-Saharan Africa, with R*, in Cameroon. Perhaps because I had no precise representation of it beforehand. I have very vivid memories of Aid Day in the town of Bafoussam, in Bamileke Country, of the sober joy that reigned there, of tiny pieces of grilled mutton that you could buy in the street, cut neatly and served in a sheet of newspaper. Or the gaiety of the villages when evening falls, the women are grilling fish in the street, and everyone is drinking beer, chatting, laughing and flirting!

Where did you take your ring?

In Venice, at the end of summer and in Morocco at the end of September.

What is your story with Ombre Claire?
A very dear friend made me discover this place, about ten years ago or more, during a small party-opening.

Your definition of adventure?
Not knowing what to expect...

Your currency ?
I really like the saying of an old French writer, whose name I have forgotten, and who pleased Freud: “It is the path that makes the landscape”!


Thank you very much Livi!!!

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