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Ethics is chic!

At Ombre Claire, ethics are at the heart of our concerns and our operation.
But what exactly are ethics? because between the eco-responsible, the sustainable, the slow, the eco-design, the sustainable, we can't find it anymore….
Derived from the Greek word "ethos" which means "way of life", ethics is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with human behavior and, more specifically, with the conduct of individuals in society and the values on which they are based.
At Ombre Claire, ethics means offering you quality, durable, repairable jewelry made under fair and equitable conditions for all stakeholders. It means having healthy and respectful relationships with all those with whom we have links: our suppliers, the Tuareg craftsmen, our customers, our partners, ... all those we come into contact with, taking into account their constraints but also of ours.   
Why ? because we have values that are an unshakeable benchmark in life and that we cannot imagine working otherwise. Because it is a great freedom to be able to work and act with others on a healthy basis and according to the values in which we believe: fairness, sharing, benevolence, respect for others and the environment. Because we dream of a fairer, more equitable world that values relationships and, on our small scale, we try to put our stone to the building.
Thus, Ombre Claire since its creation in 2006 was based on an ethical charter drafted with the Tuareg craftsmen with whom we work and which takes up the commitments of each one, our rights and our duties towards each other. On a daily basis, we constantly try to find solutions so that everyone is satisfied with their participation in the Ombre Claire adventure.
For example, for the manufacture of our artisanal jewelry, we pay 70% to the order to the artisans in order to meet the constraints and the way of life of our Nigerien and Malian collaborators. We also give them reasonable manufacturing deadlines because the beautiful work of the hand requires taking the time.
In the same way, we are constantly trying to reflect on our impact on the environment and to control it. Thus, Ombre Claire jewelry is made from recycled materials such as silver and bronze, ebony scraps. We take care to use durable, good quality and recyclable materials. Thus, your jewel can always be repaired and you can keep it for a long time or even pass it on to those who are dear to you.
We also offer baskets delicately woven from palm trees by women from a small village in Niger, organized into a cooperative. They maintain their garden to limit the advance of the desert and draw from it the palm leaves that will be used to make their baskets. A renewable, ecological material with which they fashion wonderful objects. The basket is an ideal container for shopping, storing toys and sprucing up the home.
Our chains come from Germany and we have been working with the same supplier for a long time because they provide high quality work. Loyalty and our good relations with our suppliers are first of all a pleasure but also what allows us to offer you a quality service. Few returns, few breakages and finally satisfied customers. For the rest, we always try to find local suppliers such as our printer or the boxes in which you find your jewelry.
Ombre Claire is also about style because ethics is chic. We believe that we can do beauty with good and that is what we do every day. Creative collections, timeless jewelry that we enjoy wearing, giving to those we love, knowing that they have been made with respect for people and the environment.
It is also and above all our designer, Aude Durou, who season after season offers us collections that draw on art, everyday life, the Sahara so dear to her heart and which invites us on a poetic and joyful journey. She designs jewels full of symbols that speak to us of cultures and interbreeding.
If you walk through the door of our Parisian workshop, we will always be happy to meet you and discuss our way of doing things, Aude's inspirations, Saharan life, the incredible know-how of Tuareg craftsmen in Niger and mali. Indeed, we are proud to support craftsmanship, ancestral know-how in regions where life is often difficult and where a monthly income represents dignity, the freedom to make one's own choices, to be able to stay with one's family and to pass on to younger people.
We think of the world in terms of a system that everything connects; all our actions have an impact as in the story of the hummingbird. With us, it is the swallow that moves valiantly between Africa and Europe according to the seasons and brings in its wings small seeds of each that it will offer to others. We regularly quote Théodore Monod, this great humanist whose values we share and who has greatly influenced our thinking, which remains in motion. So, if you have any comments or ideas to submit to us, don't hesitate!
We have never communicated much about these values, they seem so obvious to us. Why would anyone pride themselves on doing things right? It is obvious, it is the bad practices that must be denounced.
So yes ! Ethics is chic and we are happy to share this with you on a daily basis.

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