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Ombre Claire's Men

The collection of jewelry for men is multiple, heterogeneous, it is inspired by the men who surround us, friends, brothers, craftsmen in Niger, those we meet and who inspire us...


Ombre Claire men's jewelry is unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings, but above all signet rings like small architectures, all unique. Some have compass designs, others have African, Mexican, Inuit, Japanese designs or are graphic games. They are simply in recycled silver or mixed with ebony or bronze. It is their uniqueness that counts.


I did not seek to create a coherent collection, I did not draw these jewels by declining them, I did not seek to make a unit. They are all very different from each other… And yet, when you see them all together, they form a unit!


All of these jewels, all of these coats of arms make up our great Tribe!

All these encounters intersect in our collection, and each personality brings its uniqueness to the group.


We wanted each jewel for men to have a godfather, a man we know and to whom we propose to lend his first name. Thus, we find in the collection, the Baptiste ring, our photographer with whom we have been doing our photo shoots for years from Marseille to Crotoy next to that of Amada, a Tuareg friend from Niger who crosses the Sahara every month as a driver guide. There are the rings of our companions next to that of our study friend who is now a great designer, those of our brothers, of our sons whom we cherish and who we wanted to keep close to us in our daily lives. workshop.


We find Abé who came to rescue us one day when the curtain of our Parisian shop no longer wanted to open and who unlocked everything with a turn of his arm! George, a great friend of Axelle's whom she met a long time ago at the Belleville kiosk and whom she found by chance in a local vinyl store, Olivier, our favorite natural wine merchant based in Nantes... Mishaël, the clothing designer indigo from Bangladesh crossed at an ethical fashion fair in Berlin and of course, Julien, with whom we like to go dancing, singing, observing poetry or listening to Sufjan Stevens. He introduced us to this incredible American musician that we often listen to at the workshop and who has joined the family of Ombre Claire sponsors. Indeed, we dedicated a ring and a necklace to him that we offered to thank him for his music and the happiness it brings us.


Each jewel shaped by our craftsman friends in Niger or Mali therefore bears the name of a man in our life! We take great pleasure in talking about Charly, Hippolyte, Nassim, Edouard with the craftsmen and with you.

Our craftsman Alhassane from Mali asks us if the Mishaël pendant should be rounder or if the Milo earrings arrived on time and you, when you walk through the door of the shop, explain to us how much you fell in love with the Adam ring but that you are still hesitating with the Erwan ring which is awfully beautiful too. We have integrated our friends into our daily life and they accompany us every day.


Our men's jewelry tells of encounters, travels and the diversity of the links that make us up. They represent our gang, our tribe, those who are there, who matter and who tell our story. We are committed to sharing these adventures with you and that, in turn, you appropriate these jewels to take them into your own story.

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