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I have to try to choose the best. In everything. Every gesture matters. All of life is just a succession of gestures, you have to try to make them beautiful, to give them meaning. Actions are the fruit of ideas. I need to mature them, so they don't spoil the meaning. 

Sometimes the opposite happens, a gesture falls and it gives meaning. It is quite a job to observe them and reveal them. 

The gestures of craftsmen in Agadez are the result of ancestral know-how. Each stage of the manufacture of a jewel, each technique of braiding, of engravings, carries the tests, the erasures, the advances the rigor of all the men and the women who experimented it.

Each sign teaches a word, a culture.

But gestures not only transmit traditions, they also become adventurous, daring, conquering, they are always searching.

Tuareg crafts are adapting to their new clienteles. Each craftsman strives to create an even more original piece. Everything is possible, minds are open and imaginary encounters are a delight. 

I like when creation is based on know-how, when creation is born from the power of a culture. 

That's why I like to mix cut shapes by Matisse with the traditional Saharan motifs, the undulating rhythm of the waves on bracelets chiseled with small triangles. When I design my jewelry, I think of the gestures of craftsmen, of artists. I then have the feeling that generations before me are helping me hold my pencil, that it's my turn to play before passing on the baton, like in a relay race. So I want to savor this brief moment when it's my turn to make pretty gestures.







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