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The essentials

The very first collection of Ombre Claire spoke of the links, the woven links between people and between cultures. I braided fabrics of different origins together, waxes, ginghams, liberty, and once the links were created I hung silver coins on them.

Then he had the collection of secrets, with boxes to open or close, bells to whisper words to, rings engraved with patterns inside.

The collection of migratory came next, then the embroidered, them arrows Native Americans, the antiques, Japanese kimonos, the collection Moroccan, the Indian collection, the grigris, them architectures, l’Atlantis, them scumBrancusi, Matisse, Breath of Pina Bausch, the painters' garden, the beach, le country attic, l'solar eclipse, Icelandic fishermen, land idleness, le Bigger Splash, the collection Sahara, the cradle, the Olympes, Museum… Since 2005, two collections follow each year.

The jewels were slipped on fabrics, then on silk links, fine chains, thick chains, one day they were dipped in gold and miracle a collection in vermilion arrived ! One summer I tried to incorporate some pine wood into it.acacia, a wood winterebony, and then my favorite association remained: that of thesilver and bronze.

Each season a new collection takes jewelery into a new universe. Each season new shapes to draw for me and for craftsmen in Niger and Mali.

And a few months later, we move on, we abandon this last story. We break the thread of the journey.


A few years ago we then came up with the idea of recounting these crossings through the permanent collection of Ombre Claire “ the essentials ».

We therefore draw from the latest collection, before leaving it, our favorite models and your favorite models and we add them to this signature collection, this collection which is the DNA of the Ombre Claire brand.

We choose the models with Axelle, sometimes we agree: "it's obvious the loops poetry stay! » and sometimes Axelle wants a model, me another, so we keep everything and the following season, we talk about it again.


This collection is our fabric, what you love our brand for and sometimes we have trouble describing it. She is moving. Sometimes I want to sweep everything away and change everything and sometimes I want to keep all these jewels on which we have worked so much.

necklace lovers Name then pose near the foam hoops, from bracelet palmette, of the weekly rings and embroidered wristbands. La naive swallow leaves in a gift box with the square geometric bracelet, and Axelle sends by post a parcel with a signet ring for lazy women and an thin arrow ring. Finally this merry mess works well. The patina of the Tuareg craftsmen, their know-how is the backbone of all these stories.

This morning a client arrives at the workshop, she asks me to change a silk link on a necklace that she bought at least 14 years ago... She takes out of her handbag a small fabric in which is well protected the "amagal" pendant: the secret bell. After a little cleaning and the bell mounted on a new link, the client leaves with her necklace as new. It made me happy to see this old model again...

In the silence of the workshop I ask Axelle: "Couldn't we put it back in the essentials that one? I liked him anyway"

This is how the Ombre Claire essentials collection lives…

Do not hesitate to come with your old models, and tell us which ones you would like to see again in our windows!

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