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Ombre Claire colors

The road is infinite, the sky, the sand and in the middle our car which moves. Does she really move from somewhere else? The horizon is fixed, the landscape does not seem to move.

It is the wind that we receive through the half-open window that indicates that we are moving forward.

Everything around is ochre, a faded pale yellow, a powdery pink, a light terrakotta. The light crushes everything. Sometimes a shadow on the ground creates a slight contrast. There are also a few clumps of lime-green grass, like the objects that glow at night, a hint of yellow. In places the ground sparkles, vibrates.

We cross a Chanel compact. All these skin tones seem straight out of a makeup kit.

It is so hot that the sky takes on the same color as the ground, everywhere this material, this color, of absolute softness, of extreme aridity.

We hear the silence.

The road is long. The eyes fill with this light, this dust. The skin is covered with the same color, and the dry hair becomes tangled.

We are crossing a mineral world and I imagine that one day, those who will walk on Mars will have the same feeling.

We cross the path of a dromedary, we are well on earth! The latter walks nonchalantly along the track. Her off-white dress blends into the landscape.


Later in the afternoon, we will arrive in Agadez. First of all, we will meet more people as we approach the city, the colored boubous will wave to us along the road. Shiny fabrics will flap in the wind.

Then we will see the first colorful signs, the shops where shiny plastic objects from Nigeria and China are piled up. The city will welcome us with the indigo of the turbans, the green embroidery of the sandals, the pink, yellow, fluorescent turquoise of the plastic mats, the sizzling transistors, the crackling red mopeds, the frilly dresses that turn little girls, their hair decorated multicolored rubber bands, the smoke from the market where you buy cooked meat, vegetables and oranges.

The colors will dance with the noise of the city, with its movement, its breathing.

I often enter somewhere by color, a deformation related to my studies may be. It's the color that gives me the rhythm, it's the color that gives me the tone. When I started designing jewelry with craftsmen in Agadez, I quickly wanted to add colors to the metals.

I first tied my jewelry with colorful fabric ties, huge ties that brought a lot of color. Then I asked the craftsmen to make small holes on certain pieces so that I could then embroider them.

This is how the collection the embroidered ones was born: depending on the seasons, desires and moods, the colliers, loops, rings or bracelets can be colored with red, turquoise green, powder pink, pale yellow, ocher, indigo or neon pink threads!

Often it is you who ask me for a specific color: "I want a ring embroidered in coral red".

And then some time later: "I want to put it with a pink dress and I would like it to be turquoise green". I take out the requested thread, a needle... and hop the ring changes color, it changes rhythm!




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