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In Our Hands

Ideas slide through our hands.

The brush, the pen and often the keys of the keyboard receive what they whisper.

In our hands are the notes of the piano, the cooking recipes, and the gestures to make plants grow in the garden.

In our hands the hands of the children who we hold so that they do not fall, to hold them a little longer with us.

Water slides through our hands.

Our hands welcome, our hands liberate.

Which vase to choose for this bouquet?

Which bouquet should I choose for my vase?

The hands model but are also modeled. The hands of those who work the earth are shaped by the earth they themselves have worked.

They evolve together.

I observed these hands who cultivate the gardens of tomorrow, who bring the sun and flowers into the house, and I designed this new collection for them.


This season, silver and bronze jewelry borrows the shapes of the garden:
freshly picked flowers find their vases, unless it is the vases that have found their flowers...


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