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Happy French Gang X Ombre Claire

I met Sandra a few years ago, at the opening of my Parisian boutique. She was then blogging about Parisian designers and had come to visit us at the studio.

A few months later, Sandra created her brand Happy French Gang.

I then followed his work, his universe, his ethics, admiring his creations.

We decided one day to create a line of jewelry and clothing together. We share a taste for traditional know-how, beautiful natural and sustainable materials, and obviously a work ethic. Our graphic and colorful worlds come together well so it was decided I was going to design patterns for her clothing line and Sandra would design jewelry. An interesting creative exchange!

This collaboration therefore happened naturally despite a complicated global health context, Sandra in San Francisco, me in Paris, both confined. And to top it all off California, and especially San Francisco, was in flames, and the artisans in Mali I work with were going through two coups in a matter of months!

In short, we like challenges and from these difficulties we have created a collection inspired by freedom and nature.

The freedom therefore, to walk face to the wind to observe the tops of the trees, to distinguish their foliage, to feel them quivering. The freedom of migratory birds, sailing from one continent to another, bringing us news from elsewhere in their plumages. The freedom of water running, spinning, coming and going, lapping on its surface and creating sparkling abstract patterns.

This collaboration is therefore divided into three themes:

The first is inspired by trees, their foliage. Made of silver and bronze, the jewels seem to have flown from a branch to rest delicately on you! You can then find a foliage necklace, hoops, of the loops, of the rings, of the barrettes and brooches which will remind you of the shapes of the leaves... 

The second takes up the shapes on the surface of the water, all in roundness and silver, it makes us hear the lapping along the dike. The precious jewels of this line are refined and worn as essentials, matching all your outfits! The tall  Aqua earrings and the small are perfect examples...

Finally, migratory birds, swallows, come to invade blue, ochre, powdery skies, jumpsuits and robes de Happy French Gang !

Obviously we had these jewels and clothes made in our workshops in India and Mali, with all due respect for the know-how and craftsmen who made these objects with their hands.

This collaboration is therefore for us a breath of exchange between our two brands, our universes, our countries, a breath of freedom.



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