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As you know, all our rings in the Men's collection bear the first name of their godfather.

Gaël is therefore the godfather of the Gael ring !

Here is a little interview we did some time ago:


What is your fondest travel memory?
A trip by dhow (traditional East African sailboat) in the Lamu archipelago in Kenya.
Where will you take your ring?
I will wear it during my concerts, on the hand that holds the microphone! 

What's your story with Ombre Claire?
I wanted to wear rings for the shooting of the cover of my album "Lundi Méchant". I was looking for a responsible and ethical brand. 
It was stylist Victoria Rastello who introduced me to the Ombre Claire rings. I immediately liked the jewelry and the philosophy of the brand. 

What is your definition of adventure?
I can sum up my definition with a few lines from my song “Tôt le matin”: 

If your life is mapped out, deviate! 
Take uncertain roads, find new suns 
Put on soles of wind, become a thief of fire 
Challenge God like crazy, surface away from the crowds 
Refine strengths and weaknesses, make your life a poem! 

What is your ethics, your mood, your motto?
Invent, exist, love. 
Thank you very much Gael!

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