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Since last Thursday evening we have launched pre-orders on our site and in stores for KYOTO andTOMBOUCTOU jackets.

veste kimono ethique

To create these 2 pieces, we worked in collaboration with @miaa_house_of_craftsmanship in Bangladesh. In these traditional workshops, artisans hand-dyed the fabrics with natural indigos, and quilted the fabrics using the swallow motifs dear to Ombre Claire.⁠ In this workshop, gestures are passed down from generation to generation. This is how the artisans who made the light shade jackets received their know-how from their grandmothers.⁠

Originally, the technique of “quilting” or “quilting” was invented to make warm, thick bed linen with old scraps of fabric. This technique involves sewing several layers of fabric and wadding to create a single piece.⁠
Over time, quilts have become both aesthetic and practical objects, passed down from generation to generation, like heirlooms. ⁠
For this collaboration, we designed jackets with simple, refined, mixed shapes, like those of kimonos!⁠
It takes artisans several weeks to make a jacket


Why pre-orders?⁠

To work with this ethical workshop, we have chosen to offer you pre-order. There is no stock, no losses and therefore we will only produce what you have ordered from us. This allows us to offer you this luxury product at a fair price. We thus assure you of an artisanal creation, made with know-how and noble materials without adding additional costs.⁠

Of course, this will require you to wait a little... But it also allows you to pay in two installments: 50% upon pre-order and 50% before receiving your jacket.⁠

Ombre Claire is a small company, and this approach allows us to offer you new creations!⁠


Don’t hesitate to stop by the store to try them on!⁠

Each unique piece will therefore be made to order, and delivered in July.⁠ ⁠
Pre-orders until March 2.⁠

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