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As you know, all our rings in the Men's collection bear the first name of their godfather.

Basil is therefore the godfather of our basil ring !

Here is a little interview we did together some time ago:


Your first name

Your date and place of birth
May 15, 1992, Paris

In a few words, how did your story with Ombre Claire begin?

A friend gave one of your rings to her darling. She knows, like all my friends, that I have always worn Tuareg rings. The first one I wore was my first ring, I must have been 15. Since then, they have colonized almost all my fingers! Of course, it was with the excitement of a child in a candy store that I discovered your superb shop and your exceptional work. That was only a few months ago! The adventure is very young!

What was your first Ombre Claire jewel?
Edward and Julian!

What is your fondest travel memory?
My most beautiful travel memories are also the most painful. I make documentaries and reports for television, and some encounters are particularly striking. I think back to two people, Parfait, in Madagascar, and Andrea, in Honduras, with whom I forged a real bond. I was twisted by distance, cultural, social, but above all by the violence of our life gap, the brutality of capitalism that was expressed in our relationships. Perfect treated me with deference and respect, even though we were the same age, simply because I am white and, indeed, wealthy compared to the hardest working Malagasy. Andrea, feminist, enlightened, brilliant, had to suffer the violence of men in a proportion that, from my Parisian comfort, still sends shivers down my spine. These incredible humans remind me modestly, when
the whims of the little rich that I am seize me, how important it is to remain modest: I owe a lot, if not all, to the place where I was born, to the color of my skin, to the gender to which I am assign.

Where do you dream of taking your new Ombre Claire jewel?

On my next trips! On the menu: Sweden, the Pyrenees, and I hope other horizons at the start of the next school year. In fact, I mainly wear my jewelry in my Parisian life. Abroad, I take one, two at most, because I prefer not to show off. My profession, above all, requires that I take an interest in others, that I put them at ease to express themselves and confide.
I wouldn't want to send the wrong message by posting a more... trenchant style, as I do in my daily life! My jewelry, paradoxically, is my Parisian identity.

Which Ombre Claire jewel would you like to give to a woman who matters in your life?
I am so attached to Tuareg jewelry that I would hardly see myself offering it... It's my little garden!

Your currency?
Life is now.



Thank you very much Basil!!!


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