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The Uniques

I have always loved vintage pearls of all kinds and from all origins. I remember the pearls of my great-grandmothers, the old buttons in candy boxes in the countryside. They were my vacation treasures. A shell gleaned from the beach met a 1930s pearl, a piece of liberty from a slightly too long dress that acted as a cord, and off I went for a walk dressed!

Since then, I hunt for pearls, I collect them, accumulate them, I mix them. I still have so much fun with it!

And then came the idea and the desire to share this little secret garden with you.⁠

This is how I will regularly have fun creating very small ephemeral collections, "The Uniques", which will only be available at the store and on our website.


For this first collection, I mixed Tuareg charms gilded with fine gold, and old pearls from the Czech Republic. The pearls are suspended from the vermeil hoops, hung along the chains, they sparkle. 


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