Jewelry ?

The other day Thomas at the studio said to me, "How about writing a blog post about why you drew jewelry?"


Frankly, before creating my first jewelry line, I didn't think I would ever have designed these accessories and designed them for so many years!

As a child I wanted to be a naturalist, then an interior decorator, then I wanted to be an illustrator for a child, then I learned to draw patterns and choose ranges of colors for textiles. I studied for several years to know how to do this. I love colors, to associate them, to create stories with them, to find them names, to give them shapes.


And I landed in Agadez ... I observed the colors of the desert: the terracotta powder compact, shades of pale ochres, off-whites, faded pinks. The mineral colors of the earth laid bare, silent, sometimes a very yellow almost erased green.

The nomads and their colors of the bush, the dark indigos, the blues of the guitars, the fibers of the mats and the leather tents, always these ochres melted into the landscape, as if camouflaged in the material of the desert.

And then the city and its market, the bazins, the plastic basins, the fluorescent flip-flops from Nigeria, the radios sizzling at all times, the wax patterns in all colors and the golden fake jewelry from the Chinese markets , the multicolored car bodies patched up, the bags of rice, millet, plastic bags everywhere, and the loud noise of the city.

Obviously I wanted to work with these colors !!! Creating designs for clothes, shoes and bags… There was an endless source of colorful stories to tell!


And once again I had a meeting: those of artisan jewelers. I designed jewelry with them, like that, to see ... and the magic worked! So I have since continued to design jewelry in silver, sometimes bronze and vermeil: so there are only three colors.

I embroidered them sometimes to add my colors, I associated them with pearls, cords, ribbons, small frayed braids, pompoms. I took pictures of them with all kinds of colorful ranges, clothes and landscapes, always to tell stories ...


However, I often draw in black and white, with a black felt-tip pen on a white sheet. I draw like craftsmen engrave metal, I stole that from them, by dint of seeing them.


Today I design jewelry to tell stories, and I know they are their colors. My jewels tell of my encounters and my journeys. Jewels are like textile patterns, they are placed on the skin or on a garment, they are worn. Jewels are placed designs that can be moved! I'm not far from textiles then? The jewels are therefore my nomadic motifs.

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