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Zoom Vermeil swallow ring
Zoom Bague Hirondelle vermeil
Zoom Bague Hirondelle vermeil

Vermeil swallow ring


Hirondelle ring engraved in Vermeil

His history :

The swallow, the "ricochet of water" among the Tuaregs, brings us news from there in the spring ... Transmits our stories to Africa in the fall ...

The swallow is an important symbol for me, our migrants who have come from afar to bring us stories and cultures, to make our daily lives richer.

Valuable exchanges of nomadic travelers!


Composition, sizes, weight:


Weight 999 silver: 1.3 g coated with 5 microns of gold

Light Shadow Silver is recycled, every time the silver melts the impurities in the metal melt and the silver purify itself which is why our metal is so pure and so clear.

Pattern diameter: 1.4 cm


Delivery :

FREE delivery worldwide from € 200 purchase.

Shipping € 5.5 France

Delivery 6 € Europe (Excluding France)
Delivery 15 € in the rest of the world!
Returns offered worldwide (France, Europe, Worldwide)


Light shade:

Ombre Claire is a graphic universe in which a line of contemporary design jewelry is available. Aude Durou, the designer, imagines and designs the models which are then shaped by Tuareg craftsmen in Niger and Mali. From this encounter are born each season collections that borrow from Saharan culture patterns with which the designer has fun, mixing them with her personal influences.

At Ombre Claire, the greatest luxury is the delicacy given to small things, the delicacy of the lines, the carving, the care taken in the choice of materials. Elegance comes from the material, from the knowledge of shared know-how and from the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure.

Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other.



Size guide:

In order not to go wrong when choosing your ring size, 2 solutions:

  1. Measure your finger circumference with a string or a soft tape measure at the second phalanx, as this is often the widest part of the finger. Then refer to the table below and choose the corresponding larger size.

Example: Your finger circumference measures 53 mm choose size 54

  1. You can also measure the diameter of your rings and compare it to the table below.

Example: The diameter of your ring measures 18 mm, choose size 56.



Finger size (in mm)








 Internal diameter (in mm)








Finger size (in mm)








Internal diameter (in mm)








* Take the measurement of the second phalanx.


Maintenance tip:

The ombre claire jewelry is handcrafted by Tuareg artisans in Niger and Mali. Each hand is different, so is every piece of jewelry! Human gestures make her jewelry unique, which is why we invite you to take great care of it.

The more your jewelry is worn, the less maintenance it requires!
Wearing a piece of jewelry every day slows down the natural phenomenon of oxidation of
silver and vermeil jewelry. Days go by and your jewelry takes on a patina
unique, that of your story!

Silver and bronze are tough, but some don't like
met. We recommend that you remove your jewelry when you go to
the swimming pool, when you play sports or when you clean! (The
metals do not like chlorine and bleach at all!)

We advise you when you are not wearing it to store it away from
humidity, for example in its box!

If your jewelry is slightly oxidized or tarnished, you just need to rub it
gently with a soft cloth.
If your jewelry is strongly oxidized you can use a cleaner for
metals, or toothpaste which is very effective in making silver shine!
Rinse your jewelry well and dry it well before wearing it again.

Poids Argent 999 : 1,3 g recouvert de 5 microns d’or

L’argent Ombre Claire est recyclé, à chaque fois que l’argent entre en fusion les impuretés du métal fondent et l’argent se purifie c’est pourquoi notre métal est si pur et si clair.

Diamètre du motif : 1,4 cm

Our approach

At Ombre Claire, the greatest luxury is the delicacy given to the little things, the finesse of the lines, the carvings, the care taken in the choice of materials.

The elegance of Ombre Claire's jewelry comes from the material, the knowledge of shared know-how and the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure.

Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other.

Vermeil swallow ring


Shipping & Returns

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De 50 à 149 € Colissimo 5,5 €

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Satisfied or your money back for 15 days after receiving the item

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