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Necklace Branchette

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"In contrast to the decorative form of floral arrangements in Western countries, the Japanese floral arrangement creates a harmony of linear construction, rhythm and colors. While Westerners try to accentuate the quantity and colors of flowers, focusing their attention mainly on the beauty of the flower, the Japanese accentuate the linear aspect of the arrangement. They have developed an art that values the vase, stems, leaves and branches as well as the flower itself. The complete structure of the Japanese floral arrangement focuses on three main points symbolizing the sky, earth and humanity through the three pillars, asymmetry, space and depth. »

Sometimes, under a tree, I have the impression that a Japanese master has come to arrange a branch and its leaves because everything seems to live in perfect balance.

This necklace was entirely made in solid silver and bronze, by hand, by Tuareg craftsmen. It was mounted on a 45 cm chain. Its width is 8 cm and its total weight is 6.5 grams.

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