Brooch saule

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The Wind in the Willows, (original title: The Wind in the Willows), is a novel published in 1908 by the Scottish novelist Kenneth Grahame. It is a classic of British children's literature.

Four friends live to the rhythms of the seasons, near the water, near the willows, where everything is trembling, shivering, glimmers and sparks, rustle and swirl, whispering and bubbling. They are bewitched and fascinated by it. And along the bank, the river whispers to them exciting stories, stories of the world.

This bronze brooch is the fallen branch of the tree, the leaves floating on the water of the river to the insatiable sea... It carries their stories ...

This bronze brooch weighs 7 grams and was entirely hand made by a Tuareg craftsman. Its size is 4 cm wide.