Pendant saule

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"There is a wide variety of willows, more than 70 species of trees, shrubs and deciduous trees in Europe. Nevertheless, diversity reigns in this beautiful family: we can find ball-shaped, spreading, weeping or erect ports, bright green, velvety gray or pink foliage, twisted or red branches, species that flower before the appearance of the leaves exhibiting kittens also very decorative ... »

This pendant comes from the willow tree of my childhood, the one that sat by the water's edge and let its leaves fall on the surface of the lake.

These two pendants are each 2.7 cm high and are worn on a 70 cm long silk cord.

They weigh 8 grams.

One is made of silver, the other of bronze, and they were both handmade by a Tuareg craftsman. We hung them on a silk tie in our Parisian workshop.