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New product

The Safari Blouse is made from fluid peace silk from India. The fabric is opaque and has a beautiful shine. This beautiful dress was designed with the collaboration of the label Jungle Folk.
Small sleeves
Low Breast pocket
Cap Sleeves

Top in peace silk.

The Ombre Claire x Jungle Folk collaboration has developed over time and through stimulating encounters. The fundamental principles that unite them is the need for sustainability, support for communities and human contact; aesthetics combined with social responsibility. Whether in Africa, Asia or South America, this desire to work while respecting this values forms unshakeable pillars.

The exchange between Aude Durou from Ombre Claire and Pauline Treis from Jungle Folk have led to clothing collection designed by Aude and made by Jungle Folk. This collection is spun, woven and dyed by hand in a village in North-East India. The cuts are feminine and airy.