Ombre Claire is a unique graphic universe offering a variety of contemporary jewelry. The creative, Aude Durou, envisions and sketches designs that are brought to life by Tuareg artisans in Niger and Mali. With every season, new designs and collections emerge from the encounter of Saharan culture and the designer’s imagination, blending tradition and her personal influences.

Ombre Claire prides itself for its attention to detail, the finesse evident in the line work, the chiseling, and the exquisite quality of the raw products used in fabricating its designs.

The expertise, knowledge shared, and the collaborative spirit of all those onboard this adventure contribute to Ombre Claire’s sophistication, and distinctiveness.

Ombre Claire stands for high ethical standards, and fairness all along the supply chain.



Be our guest and enjoy our collections but also our collaborations and accessories (baskets, sandals, stoles, …) from Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm


Studio-Boutique Ombre Claire

67 rue de la fontaine au roi


Subway station : Goncourt (Line 11) or Parmentier (Line 3)

Tel. : +33 (0)9 82 32 34 96




Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical, equitable approach from one end of the manufacturing chain to the other. Jewelry is designed in Paris,produced by cooperatives of experienced met workers artisans in Niger and Mali and then finished with care by our hands in ourparisian workshop.

We also take care to limit our ecological impact, we use recycled materials: 999 plain silver, bronze, acacia wood and ebony (from recycled scrap).

The vermeil (silver-gilding with 5 microns of gold 24 carats) is done by an artisan in Paris. The chains, cords and boxes are carefully selected from trusted suppliers. All the elements used are of high quality to assure you durable jewels which will accompany you for a long time. If despite the care brought your jewels came to break, they are repairable.


Ombre Claire is a design studio, a line of jewelry but also a great chain of trust, strong links between creators and artisans !