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How do I clean my bronze jewelry?

Here is our advices to clean my Ombre Claire jewelry:

First, I need my jewelry.

Let's take a nice pair of palm earrings and bronze.

Then I need a nice lemon that I cut in half. If I don't have any, I can also use bottled lemon juice, that works great too.

I bring myself a soft cloth found in my drawer. I don't hesitate to reuse old sheets, an old t-shirt to optimize recovery.

Then, I frankly rub my bronze jewelry with the lemon.

After rubbing my jewelry with the lemon, I rinse it and shine it with my soft cloth.

Miracle ! My bronze earrings are clean, like new, they shine with a thousand lights.


 You can find all our cleaning tips of your favorite jewelry on our website!



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Je dois dire que je n’y croyais pas vraiment.
Mais je me suis dit le citron ça ne peut pas faire de mal.
ça marche. Tu viens d’offrir une seconde vie à mes boucles d’oreilles en bronze !!

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