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How do I clean my silver jewelry?

Here are our tips to get your silver jewelry back to its shine and cleanliness: 

First of all I need my jewel, 

Let's take the heavy heart ring in silver Ombre Claire!  

Then I bring a tube of toothpaste, any will do! 


Then I need a soft cloth, rummage through your drawers and don't hesitate to upcycle an old t-shirt, a pair of worn socks, or even a sheet forgotten in the closet...

Reuse the existing to give it a second life :) 


Now it's time to scrub... 

Gently rub your jewelry with the toothpaste and the cloth then rinse..

Once dry, all you have to do is shine it with the soft cloth! 

Like the first day ! 

Admire the difference vyour silver jewelry is like new! 

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