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How to help birds during the heat wave?

In May 2022, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, vets and rescuers rescued dehydrated and exhausted birds that fell from the sky due to extreme heat waves. ⁠
We are all impacted by this high heat and particularly the birds which can no longer fly and fall. They often nest in the city under roofs, where it is hottest and can no longer hydrate themselves. ⁠
Do not hesitate to help them, provide them with cups of fresh water...⁠
comment protéger les oiseaux pendant la canicule
comment aider les oiseaux pendant la canicule
rafraichir les oiseaux pendant la caniculeprotéger les oiseaux du chatchanger l'eau des oiseauxobserver les oiseauxet arrosez vos plantes vertes !

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